Our team’s passion for food and service will make you proud to have chosen Santé


***Please know that we will not be observing our yearly closures in January, instead we will be offering a 4 course prix fixe menu throughout the month in lieu of a la carte dining options***

"Our  food style is very much driven by the seasons and what they offer us.   We are constantly thinking of our cuisine on our own as well as actively discussing our cuisine and what is exciting to us as a team at Santé.   This is how we create the cuisine at  Santé.  Not only our experience and education comes into play when creating a dish, inspiration sometimes comes from the most interesting and unlikely places.  We are always working on the next dish, whether we are talking about it around the prep tables or actually executing it on the line.  When we get the dish right where we want it we usually start the process over again, thus we never get bored with creating the same thing over and over again.  With the few items that have been mainstays on the menu we challenge ourselves to make it a little better each time we prepare them.   Thus, the menu is constantly evolving and changing with the seasons as well as with what inspires and excites us in the kitchen at any given time."

 Santé offers a variety of menu options for your dining experience:
  • The Chef's Tasting Menu is really the best of what we have to offer.   Available with optional wine pairings. 
  • À la Carte dining is also an option, if you prefer to order only one or two dishes. Please call the restaurant to confirm dates